the Best Angles in Baby Photography


When taking photos of babies, you must know the perfect angle to go with the whole shoot. There are different ways of taking photos from extremely different perspectives. This article will enumerate these ways each with a tip or two to help you in taking pictures of babies at different angles. These steps may go a long way in the industry of baby photography that will shed light to more ideas and improved tips for your signature baby photography skills.

1. Get on Their Level

This is a common rule in baby photography. The best angle is always when you go and level yourself with the baby. This angle is the best angle to do portraits shots and the tip to getting these shots would be by using long lenses like the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM Lens you will be able to create distance from the baby and your camera. This lens works perfectly well with zoom in shots since the feature of the f/2.8 max aperture lets you take photos even in low light and adds on to the shallow depth of field that blurs out the background from the main focus of the photo which is the baby. Getting on their level creates relationship with the baby of seeing them from their level creating that dramatic and personal approach.

2. Over the Shoulder

This angle is one that is rarely thought of but very much a creative one. First, you use a 50mm lens if you have one because this lens, usually called the Nifty Fifty lens, allows you to use a wide aperture allowing more light to come in and lets you avoid the use of a shutter or a flash that would usually startle the baby. Second, using the 50mm f1.8 lens, go down and put your stance to the shoulder of the baby while he/she is sitting down staring at a photo of his/her grandparents or sitting down and figuring out which shape fits the hole on his/her toy. Include a part of the baby in the photo by about ¼ of his/her side but focus on the object that the baby is engaging with.

3. Lie Low

This is also a very common rule in baby photography to get closer and do the extremes to lie down as low as the carpet and shoot from that angle. This will increase your chances of creating creatively focused shots on the baby. One tip for this is to use a wide lens with a large aperture like a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 that would allow you to shoot in low light and captures busy moments that would come out perfectly still and clear without having to use a flash. To get closer, a macro lens like a Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G AF-S ED is a good choice because this lens not only brings you a mega zooming feature, but it also has a silent wave motor technology that would allow you to auto-focus silently perfect for sleeping babies.

4. Bird’s Eye View

Lastly, an angle far away is also one to get on the list. Shooting from a distance doesn’t take away the emotions or the personal feel because you will still be shooting the baby based on his/her daily routine or interest. From the bird’s eye view, you will be able to get an overview of the activity of the baby like nap time, play time, bath time, etc. By simply getting up and carefully climbing and standing from a stool or a chair or a ladder, you would be able to achieve this. A far away shot requires lots and lots of negative space. Make use of a landscape with the wide sky for the background or a field of grass to create space in your far away photo. By putting the baby in the middle of the photo either holding a group of balloons or a mini umbrella, you would be able to capture great and very creative shots.




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