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3 to 12 months

We can consider the child as a toddler, gaining the ability to start walking.
So, a child photographer should be resembled to a hunter, an artist, a friend, and a playmate in order to snap the best available shot of the child.
We do ask the parents to help us to make the environment comfortable for the child (by bringing in some relatives in the studio).

We concentrate on focusing the photography on the baby’s natural behaviours and figures more than anything else. In order to illustrate the physical and mental states of their faces, body details. Sleeping babies, infants crying and laughing are some behaviours requiring focus on.
For this purpose, our team prefer to choose a simplified background or variety of themes. The themes that we use for the baby photography serve two purposes:
The first purpose is to create attractive backgrounds.
And the second purpose is to represent different occasions such as Christmas, new year festivals, baby’s first tooth, and birthday.

sample baby photography | negahetophotostudio

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