child photography

1 to 12 years
The package to take the children’s photo since their one year of age till age of 12 in formal clothes.
Dress and princess dresses for girls and also suits and ties for boys is going to make a memorable childhood for them as they get older.
For taking photo of children, a photographer should be like a friend and psycologist with the child’s behaviour .
And it is better that some close relatives such as grandmother, aunt or uncle help the photographer to make a sweet smile and to also make the child happy.
We have some different locations of photography, different themes and various clothes.
sometimes a baby cannot stand still for long times in order to take all figure at different locations and to also change several clothes.
In this situations , it is better to stop the long photography in one sesion and continue the rest of the photography in another session in the following week.
In addition children have special favourite music or food. With making the environment as close as what they want during the photography session, we can make better environment for children’s photography.In addition there are different themes used in our indoor photography such as birthday, family, christmas, traditional, valentine, new tooth, mermaid, marine,
and with some cake makets and special clothes related to those themes

child photography | Atelier child photo

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